Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

The church of Christ in Bridgewater. A foundation based on authentic Christianity. Authentic Christianity can be discovered and understood only by a careful examination of the New Testament. That source alone portrays the pure religion authorized by Jesus and preached by His apostles (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The Christianity of the New Testament is genuine. All later additions and alterations have caused modern religions to be something different from the original.

Altered Christianity is not satisfying. Nor is it safe (Galatians 1:8-9; 2 John 9). It is more an invention of man than a revelation of God. If we desire to be truly religious, really spiritual, authentically Christian, then why not return to the original ground of truth! Why not have first-century Christianity in the twenty-first century? After all, the real thing is the most desirable thing.

Restoring Christianity in the modern world is quite possible. The values and principles of living, the mission, worship, and organization of the church, and the way persons become saved and remain saved can be duplicated in our time and place. To sum it up, the entire scope of authentic Christianity is all a simple matter of returning to the authentic revelation from God, the New Testament, for our guide in all religious thought and conduct (1 Peter 4:11).

What will it take to regain authentic Christianity? It will involve giving up human traditions and uninspired religious documents and accepting only the word of God as our standard of faith and behavior.

If we will speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where it is silent, we can be sure we are practicing restored Christianity. This means we can then be Christians in the same sense that persons were Christians in the apostolic period. And, if we are willing to embrace pure Christianity, we will have the same vibrant hope of heaven that marked that time.

Come and participate in authentic Christianity with us! You'll find yourself among caring and devoted friends at the church of Christ in Bridgewater.